General purpose

Names are classified by alphabetic order. In case of similar name and first name, they are classified by birth date. To find pictures of some personage, simply type his name (without first name) and click "Search" or validate :

Underlined name

PLANCK ( Max Karl Ernst Ludwig) : Max = common first name


For Saints names, just type his (her) name (Francisco for Saint Francisco).


For kings names, type the whole name (LOUIS XIV or louis xiv).

combined names

For combined names, type the whole name (D'ARCHAMBAULT, O'REILLY or FREYCINET DE SAUSSURE)

Imprecise date

(ca 1852) : The date is around 1852

Uncertain date

(-1852 ?) : Uncertain date

quality of the picture

* : Very good quality of the picture

Multiple pictures

1 (2) : The link #1 includes two pictures

similar pictures

[1/2] : Pictures 1 and 2 are similar

Family tree

: Family tree of the personage


(E) : Enlargement of the picture

Extra pictures

(+) : More pictures of the personage

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